Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Wishing you all.........

A Very Merry Christmas!

Not long to go now ~ only 2 sleeps until Christmas and I am so excited.........

I'm hoping that this lovely snowy weather continues so that the children can enjoy their very first white Christmas ~ how wonderful would that be?

I'm looking forward to sitting with my feet up on Christmas eve with a nice glass of Champagne and knowing that everything is ready for Christmas day.

I hope that you all have a very lovely time and that your Christmas is everything that you wish for :O) xx

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Ready for Christmas

Blimey! Where did last week disappear to? I must have blinked a little bit too hard and missed it! I know that I said that I had almost finished my Christmas shopping but there still seems to be a hundred and one other things to do to get organised for the BIG day.

I have been Busy,Busy,Busy! There has been a lot more running around like a mad woman doing lots more Christmassy preparations. I have been.............

BUSY ~ counting down the sleeps until Christmas by opening advent calendars. Not long to go now! Although I don't think that Joseph should really be dressed as a dentist or that there was a dentist chair in the stable all those years ago, but the children were responsible for the additions which were very kindly lent by the Sylvanian families!

BUSY ~ writing Christmas cards AND managing to get them posted before I miss the last posting date.

BUSY ~ wrapping my little Giveaway presents.

BUSY ~ buying a few more little Christmas presents ~ this time for ME! I'm not quite sure just how these little things managed to find their way into my shopping bags either!

BUSY ~ rippling away and trying to get this scarf finished in time for Christmas and making a few more felty decorations for the Christmas tree.

I hope that you are all having as much fun as me and enjoying this rather hectic time of year in the week before Christmas. I'm really looking forward to the BIG day and think that I am getting more excited than the children are! :O)

Friday, 4 December 2009

Giveaway winners

I would just like to start by saying a very big THANK YOU to you all for the lovely comments that you sent me on my first Bloggy Birthday ~ they were all very much appreciated and made me feel very happy indeed.

I am sorry that it has taken me longer than I anticipated to do the draw for the Bloggy Birthday Giveaway ~ but I have been running around like a very mad woman doing all manner of Christmassy shopping things and I am nearly done! Yes.............. you did hear me right! I am nearly finished my Christmas shopping AND I have most of them wrapped up and hidden in the loft out of sight of small people! How organised is that? I must say that I am feeling incredibly proud of myself too :O)

Right.............. let’s get ourselves back to the Bloggy Birthday Giveaway. I put all the names of the lovely people who were kind enough to leave me a comment into my Cath Kidston Stanley bag and as I had two small people at home both eager to help out I decided that we would each draw one little piece of paper out of the bag ~ which means that 3 lucky people will each get a little Bloggy Birthday present from me.

The first name to be pulled out of the bag by a small boy was ~ Kim

The second name to be pulled out of the bag by a small girl was ~ Lucy

And the third name to be pulled out of the bag by me was ~ Louise

Congratulations to the winners ~ I shall send you each an e mail very soon and will need your posting info and I promise that I will try my very hardest to send your little present to you before Christmas.

I am just really sorry that I can’t send you all a little present but THANK YOU all again so much for your lovely comments.

I hope that you all have a very lovely weekend too :O)