Monday, 6 June 2011

France ~ Disneyland Paris

We have just returned from spending a fabulous week in Disneyland Paris. The weather was absolutely glorious and we were able to wander around in shorts, t shirts and flip flops ~ a bit of a far cry from the weather that we have been experiencing here in Scotland of late!

It was lovely just to be able to relax in some sunshine and take things at our own pace. We have visited Disneyland in Paris a couple of times before so we know where everything is ~ well, when I say that what I actually mean is that my lovely husband knows where everything is because my sense of direction leaves a lot to be desired!

We went on all our favourite rides ::

Visited Phantom Manor ::

Lost our way a little bit in Alice in Wonderland's colourful maze ::

Saw a Pirate ship ~ but unfortunately there was no sign of Captain Jack ::

Took a trip on a runaway train on Big Thunder Mountain ::

And scared ourselves silly on the Tower of Terror!

After all that excitement we needed to be brought down to earth a bit ~ so we parachuted our way down into Toy Story Playland.

Do you see those brightly coloured plastic monkeys? I may be showing my age a bit now, but I remember playing with those when I was a child and it took me right back and believe me, it is quite a long way back too!

As you can probably tell we had the best time ever and we can't wait to go back again ~ hopefully sometime very soon:O)xx