Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wet Weather Walking

In true school holiday tradition, the weather decided to take a turn for the worse as soon as the schools broke up for Easter. The lovely sunny weather that we had been enjoying a few weeks previously decided to turn itself wet, windy and rainy ~ and on the odd occasion we were even treated to a few hailstones. A bit of a washout really ~ and not at all what you expect to be treated to in April ~ and of course it does make entertaining the small people a little bit more difficult too.

I not ashamed to say that we did spend quite a few days just lazing about in our pyjamas whilst watching DVDs and eating large amounts of chocolate eggs washed down with equally large mugs of tea and hot chocolate. I can't begin to tell you how much I love spending days like this ~it really is such a treat!

However, as we had planned to get some fresh air ~ and to go out for some walks in the park and along the beach ~ we were not going to let the wet weather stop us! We wrapped up warmly in some wet weather gear and off we trotted on some wet weather walks.

Our local park is a lovely place full of wide open spaces and pretty gardens which are at their best in the summer months. But when we went for our wet weather walk it was deserted and looking rather sorry for itself!

There wasn't very much colour around at all ~ the spring bulbs were nearly past their best, and it has to be said that most things looked more Autumnal than Springlike. It seems that our seasons are a bit out of sorts just now and are really getting more than a little bit mixed up!

If you take a little peek through the bare and brown looking hedgerow, you can just about see the volcanic plug of North Berwick Law which we managed to climb to the very top of last year just after we moved to this beautiful seaside town.

There was a little bit more colour to be seen at the pretty walled garden.

Out of the park and walking down some narrow streets and past this tiny little seaside inspired garden we came to the beach.

There wasn't much colour around here either ~ except for some bright blue and green stripey wellies.

We had been keeping our eyes open looking for some sea treasures ~ but they all must have been playing hide and seek and we didn't find very much at all.

Despite all the yucky wet weather we had a very lovely time on our little jaunt and on our way back home we stumbled upon this lovely flowery boat display ~ isn't it pretty?

I hope that you all enjoyed the holidays as much as we did ~ but let's hope that the weather starts to behave a bit better and sends the sun out to play sometime soon :O)xx

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Just popping by to wish you all a very Happy Easter ~ I hope that you all have a very lovely Easter weekend.

As I have continued to be very unproductive with my hook, knitting sticks and yarn I thought I would share a photo of a little knitted Easter chick that I made a couple of years ago ~ he is very good at hiding chocolate Easter eggs in his little woolly tummy. I am very good at that too ~ although my tummy is definitely not woolly!

Enjoy your chocolate Easter eggs and TRY your very hardest not to eat them all today :O)xx