Friday, 20 March 2009

Spring has sprung!

I have been told that today is apparently the first official day of spring, and it certainly does seem that Spring has indeed sprung! The weather has improved, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and all the lovely spring flowers are blooming.

With this in mind, I thought that I would share a little spring time poem with you all. The poem is called The Spring Ball and was written by my wonderful Mum and was published last year.

The Spring Ball

Who is coming to the annual Spring Ball?
Iris in purple, so elegantly tall.
Delightful Daffodil, dressed in yellow,
Primrose and Narcissus, mild and mellow.
Tulip and Crocus, with dresses so bright,
Beautiful Bluebell is standing upright.
Snowdrop will come in her delicate white dress,
In all their glory, they will impress.
All are happy to answer the call,
To appear again at the annual Spring Ball.

I hope you liked it!

Enjoy your weekend and to all you lovely Mummys out there - have a very Happy Mothers Day :O)


Sarah said...

Hi Jackie
That's a lovely photo and a great poem, very apt. Do you know what - I haven't tried the photo thing yet, I need to pluck up the courage and patience for that one!
Have a great Mother's Day.

Rachel said...

What a sweet poem!

Kitty said...

I love your picture of bluebells - they are a real sign that Spring is here. x

periwinkle said...

lovely poem , are your bluebells out now ? I'll have to go track some down
lisa x

Sarah said...

Hi Jackie
Yes - can you believe it! I didn't go for the technical method. I clicked on the photo, then dragged it to when I wanted it and let go - it worked! It wasn't too bad. I just then had to delete spaces to make the wording look neat!

French Knots said...

Those Bluebells are wonderful, such a sign that spring is on the way.