Friday, 17 July 2009

More Goodies

As you can see I have been buying a few more lovely goodies this week as they were just a little bit too much for me to resist!

I absolutely adore Cath Kidston’s Stanley and it is very hard to find now. However, I have managed to get my little mitts on two lovely Stanley items this week. The first one is a little Stanley fold away rain jacket, which I have persuaded a small boy to wear for his up and coming holiday by telling him that it is the thing to be seen in this summer! How I wish that they made this in adults sizes too ~ but alas, I must content myself with gazing at my small boy wearing the much desired item instead.

The second must have Stanley item is a little zip up bag which is just the right size to fit crochet hooks, darning needles and scissors into without the need to delve into the larger CK knitting bag and rummage every time I need one of those elusive items.

Lastly, I have treated myself to the latest Country Living magazine as it is essential holiday reading ~ the only thing is that now I will need to hide it from myself in order to stop it being read before we set off on Sunday.

We are heading off to the beautiful little village of Alton to visit my Dad who owns a lovely little village pub there. We will be staying just a few miles away from him at the very lovely Crowtrees Farm Bed and Breakfast ~ which I would highly recommend if you ever find yourself looking for somewhere nice to stay that is near to Alton Towers.

I hope everyone has a very nice and relaxing weekend and Happy Holidays to all those who are just finishing up for the school holidays or who are heading off on a little jaunt somewhere nice too :O)


:: CCB's Knit-Knacks :: said...

Thanks for you nice comments on my blog - sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with UAT. It's an unpleasant thing to live with isn't it? If you have a look at the websites listed at the side of my blog you'll find some excellent sites that have helped me no end (as the docs are pretty clueless I have found!).Good luck with hitting the 'magic' dose - I post a lot about my thyroid findings so do pop back! CindyCB. x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hi there!

Oh how exciting going away. Lala is still at school till next friday cant wait for her to finish! And no trips planned until the end of August. Mind you we are camping and the weather he today is terrible so I am glad we are staying put at the mo! lol.

Love the goodies you have brought the little purse is ideal for those odds and ends you have in any crafts. I know what you mean about housey mags. They just pull you in with all their colour. Have a lovely break away.


Floss said...

Have a great holiday! You look as though you have the essentials...

My mum has just given me a subscription to Country Living for a belated birthday present. Living in France, I can't get it anywhere, so it's going to be wonderful to have that landing in the post box once a month! French magazines are a bit over-stylish for me...

daylesford organics said...

Hi Jackie,
I love all your little goodies, the little purse is the perfect size for all your crochet bits and bobs. I am getting so sick of all mine rattling around in the bottom of my handbag.I hope you have a great time away. It sounds gorgeous. Love Kate

Anonymous said...