Monday, 15 March 2010

Raspberry Ripple

Firstly I would just like to say THANK YOU all so much for your lovely comments about my Flowery Circle ~ I was overwhelmed by all the Flowery Circle love that you sent my way :O) xxx

Yippee!! I can't quite believe it ~ I have at long last finished my little girl's Raspberry Ripple Scarf. It was supposed to have been finished in time for Christmas! But it didn't quite make it as a Christmas pressie!! However......... Here it is now in all it's beautiful pink berrylicious glory.

My little girl loved my Watery Ripple Scarf so much that she asked if I could possibly make her a pink girly one. I have to admit that when she picked out the colours that she wanted I wasn't that sure that they actually blended that well together. However ~ now that it is finally finished ~ I am pleased with the way the colours look and she is absolutely delighted with her very warm and very cozy Raspberry Ripple Scarf.

Once again, I used the very lovely Attic 24 Neat Ripple Pattern and Rowan Pure Wool DK in the following pinky berrylicious colours::

Tea Rose 025

Hyacinth 026

Raspberry 028

There are 59 lovely pink ripply rows which were an absolute pleasure to crochet ~ I LOVE rippling away! Unfortunately to go along with those pretty little ripply rows there were 118 horrible little ripply ends that needed to be sewed in. WHY did I do my usual and leave them all to do at the end?

Still......... there is something strangely satisfying about seeing a growing pile of little ends that have been sewn in and snipped off and I just love seeing all the little end bits sitting in a colourful little pile too :O)x


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Lucy's ripple pattern is lovely isn't it! I made smilernpb a baby blanket using that pattern...

loving the raspberry ripple ... now I need an ice cream! lol

X Alex

Sewn Up said...

The scarf is lovely and beautiful colours, well done.

Sarah said...

I love the name of it - raspberry ripple - reminds me of summer!
Such pretty colours.

periwinkle said...

I've had people ask me to knit things with certain colours and I've thought UGH, but on seeing the finished item have been very pleasantly surprised . Looks like your daughter has an eye for colour as it is very pretty :-)

Kimbles said...

Oooh its lovely Jackie bet your daughter will love it - reminds me of my vertical ripple scarf which I still love. **Kim**x

Lululiz said...

Gorgeous girly colours, I love the scarf.

Louise Howe said...

Loving your blog especially the flowery circle and I have made one myself. I had made a button heart after a friend showed me what to do. This is a fantstic next step thank-you

cathleen said...

I LOVE the colors you used and I think they go perfectly together. Of course, I do LOVE pink so much. Great scarf!

Hooked in Hove said...

So pretty! I love the look of Lucy's ripple pattern but haven't been brave enough to start a blanket in it (WAAAAY too many unfinished projects already!) Now I've seen your ripple scarf I have GOT TO make one!

Jak said...

I think the colours go very nicely together. I too like to see the little pile of snipped off ends and, haha, I actually save them just in case they come in useful one day! How sad is that?
Jak x

Mrs Twins said...

Your ripple is gorgeous!
I love the colours, they go very well together.
I love rippling, you get such a wonderful relaxing time doing them. I've now done 4.
Beautiful work, well done!
Hugs and Love Suexxxx

melanie said...

Love it, fab! I must learn this crochet technique. xxx

French Knots said...

The scarf is lovely, super colours. She's going to look very cute in it.x