Friday, 5 November 2010

Halloween Happenings

We spent last weekend in the beautiful village of Alton in Staffordshire, attending the wedding of my younger brother and my very lovely new sister-in-law. The ceremony itself was in the registry office in Burton on Trent and then it was back to my Dad's pub ~ The Royal Oak ~ for the wedding reception. The weather actually decided to behave itself for once and was absolutely glorious and the sun came out to shine on a very perfect wedding day.

On Sunday ~ which was Halloween ~ we ventured off to Scarefest at Alton Towers which was fabulous! The spooky atmosphere and the special effects were amazing ~ the Towers were all lit up in their very spooky splendour and ghostly images were projected eerily across the night sky.

There were also lots and lots of different Halloweeny decorations dotted around the park to add to the spooky Halloween atmosphere.

We had a fantastically spooky Halloween evening and the children are now at an age where they are getting just that little bit braver with the rides that they will actually go on! Although, it has to be said that I just can't do the rides that go spinning around and around and around! I actually can't even bear to watch the children on them without feeling very dizzy and wobbly indeed!!

I hope that your Halloween weekend was as wonderful as ours :O) xx


Anonymous said...

I live quite close to Alton and never think to pop over to Alton Towers for Halloween - might have to go next year as it looks fun! My most favourite thing about Burton is the Marmite factory - I just LOVE the smell whenever I am up that way and I always drive past with my windows down! I know Marmite has a real love/hate thing attached to it but I'm afraid I am a Lover!!!

Ms C said...

I had my son in Burton hospital and all I could smell was that Marmite factory. Bleeeeeeurgh!!I'm definitely a hater Ruth! Though Branston pickle is made there too isn't it? Or did I make that up?

Alton Towers looks great, I've never been when they have had one of their special themes on.

Flossie and Tom said...

Looks brilliant - will have to keep it in mind for next year XX

Louise said...

I used to live near Burton in Hilton. When my son was small I was a tour guide at the Bass brewery. Did you know that marmite is waste brewery yeast? Yep an upcycled product.

Clara said...

What beautiful children and the photos are just great.

Esther said...

we were in that neck of the woods at the beginning of October. We stayed in waterfall just outside waterhouses in Staffs.