Monday, 24 January 2011

Smiley things :O)

Making me smile today are these gorgeous pink hyacinths that are sitting on my kitchen window sill just now ~ they were a very cheap buy from Ikea and more than worth the couple of pounds that I paid for them. They smell lovely and even standing washing the dishes doesn't seem so much of a chore when they look and smell so good! I can also see them everytime I walk up the garden path and they are a very welcoming sight indeed!

Also making me smile today is my new crochet project which I found the time to make a start on this weekend with my new stash of Rico Creative Cotton ~ I love the colours of this stuff so much ~ they are so bright and cheery and an absolute joy to work with ~ a little bit splitty sometimes but nothing too drastic! It just means that I have to be a bit more careful when I crochet along and take a little bit more care to put my hook in the exactly the right place making sure that I don't split the cotton! I have to admit that I do normally like to whizz along the rows as I crochet so it is making me stop and think about the process more than I usually do ~ but then again, that's no bad thing!!

I have had this particular project on my To Do List for ages now but I have never had the right yarn or colours to make it. As soon as I saw this yarn I thought to myself this is the one! And I can tell you that Rico Creative Cotton is very definitely the right yarn for the project ~ and although I'm not going to tell you what it is yet I'll leave you with a sneaky peek for the time being.

I hope you all have a lovely day and find plenty to make you smile too...........see you soon :O) xx


Sarah said...

I love hyacinths too, they produce such a lovely scent, especially the blue ones.
Love the colours of your crochet - it's needed on a miserable day like today!

Sally said...

What a fab colorful post! Really brightened my day. Love the crochet, can't wait to see what it is!

Hooked in Hove said...

What beautiful cheery colours - thanks so much for sharing! Is Spring springing at last? x

Lyn said...

Wow that crochet is a bright rainbow of colours! love the hyacinths, I forot to plant any bulbs this year-or should I say last year!

Maaike said...

this is really great! I love the rainbow colours... Have a lovely Valentine,