Thursday, 13 October 2011

Smiley things :O)

Making me smile today is the progress that I have been making with my blue stripey blanket.

I have been whizzing back and forward along these stripey rows making lots of treble clusters of cozy blue loveliness. I love how easy this project is ~ easy, mindless crochet that can be picked up and put down without too much thinking about. And these days that's exactly the sort of crocheting that I need.

Smiley thing number two is this lovely new crochet book which just happened to pop through my door this week ~ Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench. Do you see that EASY word cropping up again? I bought this book from The Book People for just £3.99 ~ can you believe it? I had to do a double take for it to sink in. There was really no reason why I couldn't have this book ~ It just had to be mine! What an absolute bargain! This really is a super book and it is jam packed with lots of lovely projects which are just begging to be made ~ the only problem that I am going to have is deciding what to actually make first.

Also making me smile today is my pretty new year planner. I have been particularly scatterbrained over the past few weeks. Forgetting about meetings for work, missing dental appointments and my worst scatterbrained moment of all was turning up a week early for parent's night at my little boy's school!

Up until now my usual haphazzard method is to scribble things down on little pieces of paper and then end up hunting frantically for them in one of my many piles! So, in an attempt to get myself a bit more organised ~ and to save my poor children squirming with embarrassment at their mother ~ I am going to try and write down appointments as soon as I get them. This year planner is great because it has a side for me and a side for the rest of the family per page ~ there really is no excuse now is there? Wish me (and my children) luck!

I hope that you find lots to be smiley about today too! See you all soon :O)xx


Floss said...

Lovely crochet, and I found my life about a million times easier when I got an organiser like that, so I think you've done the right thing! I got mine after I read that an appointments diary could be a great stress-relief tool, because you no longer have to keep lots of facts in your mind, in the right order, but can completely forget about them knowing that your diary is keeping them in order for you. Best of luck! And thanks very much for your comment, too.

Jacquie said...

Hi Jackie , love how your granny stripes are looking . I bought a schoool year diary but somehow I never remember to write in it...give me a wall calender and I'm ok. Your book was a great bargain ....I'm very tempted :0)
Jacquie x

Becks said...

Loving the Granny stripe. The idea of sticking to one colour scheme really makes it look good. Maybe I will try that next time (if I ever finish the first one!)

Hazel said...

Your stripes look lovely. Very cosy. xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

wowzers what a bargain that book was, I paid a lot more for mine! Great book too. x

Annaboo said...

I love those colours in your granny stripe blanket- this is definitely on my to do list.
It's great to have a mindless crochet project on the go, which can be picked up and worked on easily, isn't it?!
Bargain crochet book, too!
Well done, missus.

♥ Priddy Priddy ♥ said...

Hello, your blanket looks, love, love the colours. Can't believe the bargain you got with the book, I'm another one who paid a fair bit more than that - but it does make lovey reading candy :)