Thursday, 10 November 2011

Blue Stripes

This week I am absolutely loving my new Blue Stripey wellies from Joules. They have Green and Blue Stripes with a jaunty little orange stripe up the back of the boot and the very delightful name of Water Fall ~ my all time favourite Watery colours.

Just right for late Autumny walks through the lovely crisp, scrunchy leaves and more than likely for stamping through puddles and trudging through snow later on in the year! This year I am determined to be prepared for the wet and wintery weather when it arrives.

Loving my Blue Stripey socks too! Just right for feet that need to stay warm and dry inside the Blue Stripey Wellies out in the cold and also for sitting cosily on the settee with a cup of tea and some hooky stripes.

Also loving my Blue Granny Stripes ~ although progress has not been as quick as I would have liked and these particular Granny Stripes are at the stage of looking very scarf like at the moment! And although a scarf would come in very handy right now, these stripes are destined to be a snuggly Blue Stripey Granny blanket just right for keeping warm and cosy on a wintery evening.

I'm off now to try and hook up a few more Blue Stripes ~ Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you all very soon :O)xx


Stocki said...

Hi Jackie...what a lovely blue-filled post! Why it is that some colours just hit you in the right place? I love your colour blends... and funnily enough was just drooling over those wellies in a catalogue yesterday.. :)x

Jane said...

Hi Jackie - love all your blue stripes! The blanket is going to be lovely. I've just got some of those wellies too, but in the other colour, because I couldn't resist the pink stripe up the back! I love them. Perfect for dog walking in wet leaves :)
Jane x

Jessie said...

Happy blues! Gotta love it. The socks are especially wonderful.

Becks said...

Lovely blanket, lovely wellies, lovely socks, sch wonderful shades of a colour that could never make me blue.

sparklepetal said...

I love your blue Granny Stripes! Your palette is more *my* blues with the aqua end of the spectrum included too - my baby blanket was more inspired by my husband's colours with the greys too. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It was seeing you begin your blanket that reminded me I had never posted any pictures of mine, so thanks for that! x

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Loving those stripes and colours on, socks, wellies and crochet. Hi from a newbie follower. Suzy x