Thursday, 8 March 2012

Slow Sock Syndrome

I think I must have been hit by a very bad case of Slow Sock Syndrome! I started casting on these socks at the beginning of February and this is how they are looking so far ~

Not much progress at all!

I decided in my newly found sock knitting wisdom to knit these particular socks using the magic loop method ~ as I had wanted to try and teach myself a new knitting skill and I was feeling really rather pleased with myself when I actually managed to do it fairly easily. And to be honest with you I think that I may now actually prefer using the magic loop method over using Double pointed needles too. You may fooled into thinking that using this method is what has caused me to suffer from Slow Sock Syndrome ~ but you would be wrong. Very wrong indeed!

What has actually happened in the case of these socks ~ and bearing in mind that these are only my second pair of socks ~ is that I got WaY ahead of myself and thought that it may be quite a nice idea to add some sort of pattern onto the heel flap.

A pattern made by knitting Fair Isle or Intarsia no less!

Well that was a BIG mistake! Neither the Fair Isle pattern or the Intarsia pattern went according to plan and the heel flap has now been ripped back twice. I have now decided that these are just going to be Plain Old Pink (POP!) socks and will hopefully be on my merry way to making some progress with them sometime very soon.

Wishing you all a very happy and progressive weekend:O)x


smilernpb said...

Haha, my Mum has the same issue, only she's been making me a pair of socks for oooh about a year now! Tsk. Just can't get the staff! lol xx

Gillian said...

Hello there! I've "tagged" you. Pop over to my blog to read all about it. Gillian x

Susanne said...

Love pink socks. If you make one pair it is more than I have done. I bought sock yarn today and 2 books to help me when I get all the rest of my projects finished. The only sock I have made was a Christmas stocking, I was not too happy with the results, it was worked flat once past the heel and of course there was a seam to sew up....maybe I should have done some blocking to it before attempting the sewing up.
Susanne :)

Fleur Cotton said...

What is it about socks!! They always get started but it seems ages to actually get both knitted up!

Hope you have more progress now you've given up on the fair isle detail.

Happy Knitting
Fleur xx