Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Advent swap

A few months ago I signed up to take part in Laa Laa's Advent Swap and I was paired up with Ada Bea ~ who has a lovely blog called Vintage Sheet Addict.

These were the parcels that I sent ~ I really did enjoy putting together the swap parcel for Ada and my daughter was also really enthusiastic about it and gave me lots of help and advice along the way, suggesting that " the lady might like this" in practically every shop we went in to! She also handmade a present for me to include in the parcel too.

If you fancy having a peek at what I sent to Ada then you can pop over to her blog and take a look. There is also a Flickr group for the swap if you would like a wee browse at all the other swap pressies.

It has been really has been rather exciting having a little pressie to open up each day ~ much better than having a chocolate Advent calendar! In fact, my children want to know why they can't have an Advent parcel to open every day and are asking if I can make them up a box each for next year ~ we shall see!!

This is what I have received so far::

Day 1 ~ embroidery threads
Day 2 ~ a little bar of Green and Blacks chocolate
Day 3 ~ a pretty sea shell
Day 4 ~ a pack of vintage wall paper
Day 5 ~ a little bar of Green and Blacks chocolate(this one didn't quite make it as far as the photo shoot as it was too tempting and got eaten with a nice cup of tea)
Day 6 ~ heart decorations
Day 7 ~ vintage sheet material

I'm looking forward to the opening the rest of the parcels and will let you know what's inside once they have been opened :O)xx


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Glad you are enjoying them! I'm loving what you sent me! Thank you! :)

Gillian said...

I really need to get in on this advent swap lark - I am so envious of all the gorgeous goodies flying about blogland...these treasures are lovely. And I have been admiring the gifts you gave Ada too, very nice. x

Inthesky said...

What a lovely Swap idea, how exciting each day to find a crafty or yummy delight! Lucky you xxx

tales from a handmade home said...

What great fun, to have all those lovely packages to open all through chocolate anyday, and better for the waistline.

Lazy Daisy Jones said...

Oh what a lovely idea, i must take part if it happens next year!
merrymerry christmas to you and yours
daisy j
Ps thank you for visiting and joining my blog...x