Friday, 26 April 2013

It's now or never

I haven't blogged in an absolute age and to be honest with you the longer I leave it the less inclined I feel to actually do it! So ~ and I know that you are not supposed to start a sentence with so ~ this morning I decided that enough was enough and that if I didn't sit down and write a post now then I probably never will.

Life has been pretty hectic around here recently and there has certainly been a lot more of the horrible work stuff and very little of the "let's play around with some yarn today" stuff. There has also been a considerable amount of procrastination and a lot more time than is necessary spent looking for yarny inspiration on Ravelry, Facebook and Pinterest.

I am desperately trying to dodge the urge to start a new project and concentrate on completing one of my many WIPS ~ and let me tell you that there are definitely quite a few WIPS to choose from :: Summer Garden Granny, Little Boy Blue Granny Stripe, Jubilee Socks to name but just a few. But I can hear the yarn calling and fear that I may just have to cast on something new!

A couple of weeks ago I got a wonderful package through the letter box from the very lovely Bunny Mummy as I had entered her PIF ~ Pay It Forward ~ which now means that I will have to send three more packages to spread the bloggy love to others within a year ~ so watch this space.

Here is what my PIF parcel contained :: a pretty flowery tin, a Yankee Candle melt, a birdy badge, a ball of merino AND my very own original Sunburst Crochet Owl which I just adore.

Here's hoping for a bit of dry and warmish weather and that you all have a very lovely weekend :O)xx


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Hi Jackie! Hope things settle down for you soon! Great little parcel there. Don't feel pressured to blog just post as and when you feel inclined! :) x

Gillian said...

What a lovely parcel. Those pay it forward things always look like a lot of fun. x

Jacquie said...

Hi Jackie, glad your parcel arrived safely.
I agree with Ada....only post when you feel like's supposed to be fun.
Hope you get some more relaxing / crafting time soon.
Jacquie x