Friday, 12 December 2014

Easy does it!

We have had some unwanted visitors here this week in the form of coughs and colds and sneezes and it has been necessary to slow the pace right down and take things a little bit easier. I've had a small boy home from school for the last couple of days. He has been fighting a temperature and has been wrapped up in a cosy blankety nest on the settee ~ and although my Little Boy Blue Granny Stripe is not quite finished yet it has already been put to good use as part of that blankety nest. There has been some cuddly doggies making use of it too!  I know that he must really be feeling under the weather as he has been happy to sit still and has been a bit too quiet ~ which is really not like him at all!

There has not been much opportunity to get out and about either as the weather here has been rather a mixed bag. There has been rain, sleet, snow, lots of wind and the odd glimpse of some sunshine. And it's been bitterly COLD too ~ It really can't seem to make up it's mind!

I took the opportunity on one of the nicer weather moments to have a walk along the sea front ~ and on the way home I passed this wonderful statue. He's called The Watcher ~ he is dressed in outdoor gear, with his camera slung over his shoulder and he gazes out towards the sea looking through his binoculars in the direction of the Bass Rock. He stands there in all weathers and I think he is just crying out for a bit of a woolly makeover ~ maybe a hat and a scarf would keep him a bit cosier!

I've been trying to get myself into the Christmas spirit too ~ I managed to rescue this little Poinsettia plant from the reduced shelf in the supermarket for a bargain price of just less than two pounds. It was all dried up and in need of a little bit of TLC ~ all it really needed was a long drink of water and a nice spot at the window and it soon perked up. It's looking very healthy now and I am enjoying seeing it's beautiful red and green foliage every time I come into the room. These lovely plants are just so Christmassy!

Hope that you all have a very lovely and cosy weekend :O)xx


Julie said...

I do hope he feels better soon. Poor Angus still isn't right. Is The Watcher new? He's fantastic but must be very cold this week! Juliex

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, hope your little soldier is a bit better, so many bugs going around, it sounded like a zoo today in work-barking, coughing, sneezes!! yuk.
Well done on your bargain poinsettia-glorious it looks too after a little TLC.
Love your weather statue.

Mereknits said...

So sorry you all have had colds, not fun especially this time of year. Stay in and drink lots of tea.

Alison said...

I hope your little one is feeling better by now Jackie. Yes that statute could definitely benefit from a bit of yarn bombing! xx

Wainwright and Wright.Co said...

I hope everyone is soon fully recovered from colds - love the blues in your blanket. Oo yes please add a scarf or hat to the Watcher - a great opportunity for yarn bombing!
Caz xx

Gillian said...

Your blanket is looking great - it must be very nearly finished to be able to be put into use. Hope your son soon feels better. I had the horrible cold a couple of weeks ago - it's cleared up now but still hanging on a bit. That statue is amazing! I thought it was a real man!!

Gillian said...

I agree, poinsettias just say Christmas, and they're so pretty. Your blanket is looking gorgeous. I hope the coughs and colds have left your household now. x

Winwick Mum said...

You're quite right, The Watcher does need a woolly something in this weather! I'm so glad you visited my blog because now I've found yours! Love your photos and hope your little man is feeling better now xx

Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that you are all better again soon. That sculpture is amazing, I thought it was someone standing there that you had taken a photo of! xx