Friday, 6 February 2015

Seaside Squares

Around this time last year I made these little seaside coloured Granny Squares and since then they have been sitting at the bottom of my WIP pile waiting for me to give them a bit more attention.

As soon as they surfaced again my first thought was that I wanted to make them a bit bigger so instead of three round Granny Squares I am now making five round Granny Squares and joining as I go. I am also being very good at the moment and sewing in the ends of each square as soon as they are joined.

I am using Stylecraft Special DK in Seasidey colours which are a well known colour palette ~ the ones that I am using are ~

First Row (Neutrals) ~ White ~ Cream ~ Silver ~ Camel ~ Mocha

Second Row (Greens) ~ Aspen ~ Meadow ~ Khaki

Third Row (Blues) ~ Sherbet ~ Cloud Blue ~ Aster ~ Turquoise ~ Denim

I was also going to use Teal but in the end I felt it was just a bit too bright for the look I was after. I wanted a softer more muted tone for this blanket.

I think that all the elements of the seaside such as the water, sky, sand, grass and seaweed are pretty much well captured in the colours that I have gone with.

So far I have made 24 Seaside Squares and I'm absolutely loving the way that they are turning out. I am really glad that I chose to make the squares bigger as it means the blanket will grow much more quickly. My plan at the moment is to have 14 rows of 12 squares so that's 168 squares in total ~ which should keep me busy for a while! Hopefully this blanket will take me much less that three years!!

It's been a bit of an up and down week around here this week, but I have been trying to take some time out to enjoy the little things such as these beautiful daffodils that my Mum bought for me.

And I am also loving that all the pretty spring flowers are just starting to peek their little heads out of the ground just now too.

Wishing you all a very lovely weekend :O)x


Mereknits said...

Your blanket is coming along nicely, the colors are beautiful.

gilly said...

Love the pretty colours you've chosen - they capture a seascape beautifully. Happy hooking and have a lovely weekend too,

faith76 said...

I love those colours you have chosen. It will look beautiful when finished. Xxxx

Birgit Olann said...

The colours reminds me of the beautyful shore of scotland. I like the kind of your work ♥

Amy at love made my home said...

I love the start of your blanket - I do love blankets!! - the colours look great together! xx

Alison said...

They are lovely colours, Jackie and work well together. Hope you're enjoying your weekend xx

Marion Ogden said...

They are beautiful colours--your blanket will be gorgeous! Hope you had a nice weekend. Thanks for your visit and comment in mine. Have a lovely week!

Gillian said...

Love your crochet.