Monday, 26 October 2009

Little end bits

I have been taking it very easy for the past week and have had my feet up on a daily basis and have managed to do quite a lot of crocheting ~ and quite a lot of drinking tea and quite a lot of eating cake and chocolate and all manner of things that are not good for me at all. But it was all for medicinal purposes you understand!

You will all be very glad to know that I am now well on my way to making a full recovery from my Stupidness and had the very nasty little staples taken out today. OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!! At least that is over with and I am truly glad about that. Hopefully that will now be the END to my Stupidness!

Talking of ends ~ what do you do with yours? Do you sew as you go? Or leave them all till last? I must say that I usually do sew them in as I go because I absolutely hate being faced with all those troublesome little ends when I come to the end of a project.

However, this past week I have been in a such a hurry to get a couple of little projects started and finished that I just didn’t want to interrupt my crocheting to sew in all the ends.

This might look like a very neat little pile of flowery circles.....

But look at them from a different angle and you can see the tangle of little end bits that need to be dealt with.

Same here with my Watery Ripple Scarf ~ again there’s lots of little end bits ~ although I did actually start with good intentions but was enjoying the soothing action of rippling so much that I didn’t want to stop.

So here I am faced with the horrid job of sewing in ends and how I wish now I’d done it as I went.

Yippeeeeeeeee! The job has now been done and the little flowery circles and the watery ripple scarf are looking much tidier and there is something very satisfying about seeing a growing pile of little colourful ends that have now been sewn in and snipped off.

Don’t you just love seeing all the colourful little end bits sitting in a colourful little pile :O)


Kate said...

I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better and also that you had a nice relaxing time during your recovery. Your crochet is looking gorgeous. I HATE sewing in the ends. My first granny square blanket is still only half sewn in and that was finished back in May. At the moment I am mainly crocheting smaller projects that only have a couple of ends and don't take that long. Someone recently suggested I sew beads on the ends and make them a feature.

sally said...

So sorry to hear about your horrible accident, but glad that you are on the mend again and have been taking it easy and doing some lovely crochet. I have decided to turn my granny square blanket squares into granny square cushion covers instead now as I'm hankering after starting a new project. I think I will do a ripple scarf, yours looks fab!
Sally xx

lisa ridgeon said...

It is indeed good to hear that you are on the mend. Tea and cake always helps with recovery!

I love your crochet projects, i always do. I especially like the ripple scarf.

Floss said...

Ohh, sounds like a nasty accident, you poor thing! So glad to pop over and find you on the mend, along with those pretty little end bits.

Kimbles said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better - tea and cake is a good medicine! I HATE sewing in ends, have just finished a ripple cushion and there seems to be a zillion ends to sew in ugh!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Glad that you are feeling better.
Your crochet looks fantastic.

Sarah said...

Glad you are on the mend - love the crochet. It's now getting to that time of year for lots of that (or knitting in my case!).

The Garden Bell said...

Glad to hear you are well on your way to a full recovery.

I have started to take very seriously the hooking my ends in as I go. One of my least favorite things to do is go back at the end and do this. When I'm done, I want to be done and ready to move onto the next project. I have started to take the time to make sure I leave a long enough tail to get it in there good.... I see that you do by all these wonderful pictures.

Continue to share this as you go along. I'm loven' all your colors and can't wait to see your progress.

Hooked in Hove said...

Oh, definitely sew the ends as I go, although I know what you mean by getting carried away with the hooking. So glad you are feeling better and that you looked after yourself after your accident

Esther said...

I never sew in the ends until the very last minute! I'm in the middle of making a fairisle jumper for Leah and am dreading sewing in the ends!!!

Attic24 said...

oooo Jackie, my stomach has just flipped over as I was reading what you've been up to, you poor thing! Glad to hear you're on the mend though and enjoying your enforced R&R.
Your crochet projects are looking beautiful, esp the watery ripple scarf, i love that!
And in answer to your question, I always try and crochet my ends in as a I work, or if thats not possible I sew them in as I go, can't bare to see the ends dangling.

Take it easy..
Love Lucexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Catherine said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend. The crochet is lovely! I'm never sure about the ends either! Sometimes I sew them in but most of the time I leave them and then wish I hadn't!!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

So glad to hear your on the mend and I love your ripples and circles... what beatiful colours... I am trying to crochet Christmas stockings and teddy bears...

take care

periwinkle said...

glad to hear you are feeling a bit better... I always leave the ends until last but after sewing all the ends in on Milo's ripple I might think twice in future. I put all my cut off bits in a bag to use for stuffing but 9 times out of 10 the boys take great fun in just throwing them around the room !!

trudette, said...

I am glad you are felling better.
You have a wonderful Blog , and I will folow you from now on .
take care,