Thursday, 1 July 2010

Last day of term

Today is the last day of term!

I'm sitting here this morning with my feet up, having a little cup of tea and doing some hooky yarny stuff and making the most of the peace and quiet before the Terrible Two ~ Ooops!, I mean my lovely children ~ break up from school this afternoon for their Summer Holidays.

They went off to school this morning in a very happy and cheerful mood, clutching little bags of goodies to say Thank You to their teachers. We all went into Edinburgh last Saturday to do a bit of shopping and they both chose a lovely colourful Cath Kidston mug for each of their teachers, which we then stuffed full of yummy Thorntons chocolate bars.

I'd like to tell you that I took a very long time in wrapping them all up carefully but that would be a bit of a lie! I wrapped them up this morning in between making breakfast and packed lunches! To say that I am not the most organised of people these days would be a vast understatement!

We are all looking forward to this summer break immensely ~ 7 whole weeks of fun and adventures, days out to the beach and trips to the park, visits to some old rugged Scottish castles, yummy picnics and lots more have been planned. All we need now are some lovely hot summer days and life will be good!

Hope that you are enjoying your day and that you all have a lovely weekend :O) xx


Lollipop Tree Lane said...

Love the pressies for the Teachers...what a fantastic idea, got to admit though I would struggle giving away CK goodies.

We have another 3 weeks before school is out...I feel cheated that I am now going to miss out on an extra 3 weeks of 'no school run' fun!

Have a fabulous weekend and I look forward to seeing what you get up to during the Summer. xx

Vintage from the Village said...

Cor lucky teachers !
Have a great time x

Jacquie said...

Those teachet gifts look lovely.You are not so disorganised 'cause you remembered to buy them!!
Have a great time in the hols.
Jacquie x

Victoria said...

Lovely presents for the teachers.

I am also looking forward to the holidays - it'll be nice not to be so driven by routine for a while. Let's just hope the good weather holds for another 9 weeks (we have 2 more weeks of school here)!

Sarah said...

What lovely generous teacher gifts! We've got another 2 weeks before we break up and I can't wait for it to all be over for the summer (I may regret saying that!).
Enjoy your last few quiet minutes before school pick-up!

The Garden Bell said...

Yipeeeee. Does that mean we get you back more often.


Catherine said...

Love the pressies! My kids finished yesterday. It was bliss not having to make packed lunches today!!
We hit Scotland next weekend for 3 whole weeks!!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!
Enjoy your hols!

French Knots said...

It's lovely during the holidays, no morning rush, packed lunches or lost PE kit, lets hope it stays warm and sunny till September!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It takes all kinds to make a world.............................................................