Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sunday viewing

Last Sunday the boys of the household set off on a bit of a Boy Adventure which they had been planning for ages.

They went off to visit Bo'ness and Kinneal Railway ~ which is Central Scotland's Steam Railway situated by the Firth of Forth. A real boys day out ~ lots of fun for the small boys and nostalgia by the bucket load for the big boys!

They took a ride on a beautiful old steam train to Birkhill station.

Where they also took a tour of the Birkhill Fireclay Mine.

Through the entrance and into the dark depths of the mine ~ definitely not my cup of tea! Far to dark and claustrophobic for my liking!!

Back up lots of steps ~ you can just spot a small boy charging up in front of everyone else!

They also met a lovely old doggy, who seemed to belong at the station. They nicknamed him the Dog Master as he parades up and down the platform barking at all the trains and being friendly to anyone who stops for a chat.

Little Miss Madam and I were left to our own devices at home. We normally would have planned a girly day out doing a bit of shopping, but as our house is still for sale we had to stay in ~ just in case there were any potential buyers looking to view our property on the Sunday afternoon. FAT CHANCE!! Nobody turned up!!

To alleviate our boredom we decided to do a bit of Sunday viewing ourselves and settled down with a new DVD ~ St Trinian's 2, The Legend of Fritton's Gold ~ which we had treated ourselves to especially for the occasion. We had a lovely afternoon cuddling up on the sofa, eating lots of yummy snacks and with the added bonus of no small boys running noisily around interrupting the film ~ Bliss!

Hope that you all had a fun filled weekend too ~ whatever you were doing...........:O) xxx


lisa ridgeon said...

What a great place, i love those old engines.

Hubby used to take our boys out for 'boy days'....Mum can't come cos she's a girl!! They would get up early in the morning to sneak out without me and i would hear their loud 'hushed' voices as they rather noisilly crept out of the house. They had a great time. Ah, happy days.


smilernpb said...

Wow, that 'steamie' looks great. B would love it! Shhhh! Don't tell him! lol

Kimbles said...

Hi Jackie, great to catch up with you. I am sorry you didnt have any viewings must be so frustrating!! The "Boys" day out looks great - very "boyish"!!!!! I am not a lover of mines far to claustrophobic for me too!x

Neen said...

looks like a great place to visit

Louise said...

This is a lovely set of photos. We've visited a few mines in our time. It's always a good idea to wear a fleece. It's usually freezing down there! Glad you enjoyed the time with your daughter too. x

PS. I haven't forgotten about the Happy Swap!

andamento said...

Just to let you know I made your biscuit fudge. It was delicious! I made it a few days in advance of N's birthday party and really struggled not to eat it all myself before the party!

Debbie said...

What a great adventure... My sweet hubby and little boy are planning to go on an adventure too!
Although us girls, aren`t going to be we must find something to do, instead!
... A shopping trip? Sounds good to me!


Tilly said...

Oh my goodness, my Nipper would have loved this daytrip! Glad you got some girly time with your daughter. Loving your granny squares - I will learn to crochet properly one day!