Friday, 25 May 2012

Seasidey homework

Goodness! Where is the time going to just now? It's very nearly the end of May and I haven't posted in absolutely ages ~ which is partly because I have been too busy to do very much hooky stuff and also, to tell the truth there hasn't been much else happening around these parts that seemed worthy of blogging about either.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago my little boy was set a homework task to produce a souvenir of our beautiful little seaside hometown. The souvenir he chose to produce was a calendar ~ which gave us a fabulous excuse to wander around in the recent sunshine and take some seasidey photographs for him to put in his calendar and I thought it might be quite nice to share some of them with you all too.

This is the view of the beautiful West Bay from the appropriately named Anchor Green::

Walking along the beach you can see the buildings surrounding the harbour and the harbour walls::

Going on past the beautiful old buildings and around the corner is the wonderful harbour ~ I just love seeing all the colourful little boats bobbing up and down on the water::

And just for good measure we decided to take another picture of the harbour from a different angle::

These were just some of the photos that my little boy wanted to have in his calendar ~ they really do sum up the beauty of our little seasidey town. Words can't really begin to tell you how lucky we feel to have this all on our doorstep to enjoy as and when we please.

The only downside of living so close to the sea is that the sea mist/haar has only just started to lift now and the sun is just starting to poke it's head through the clouds. It does look like it should warm up fairly quickly so I'm off to prepare a quick picnic lunch to enjoy in the garden when the small people get home from school ~ which should be any minute now!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sun :O)xx

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