Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Little Boy Blue Granny Stripe Blanket ~ Ta Dah!

At last ~ I have finally finished my Little Boy Blue Granny Stripe Blanket. This blanket was started away back in October 2011 ~ just a bit more than three years ago! How slack is that!! My poor small boy has been waiting VERY patiently for his blanket to be made. But now he is a very happy boy and can snuggle up in his own crochet blanket the way that it was intended.

This Boy Granny Stripe was made using Stylecraft Special Double Knitting in various shades of blue ~ which were Aster ~ Cloud Blue ~ Denim ~ Royal ~ Sherbet ~ Turquoise. I was also going to use Midnight but once I got started it seemed just a little too dark to sit comfortably with the other blues so I took it out of the mix.

I also decided not to go with working random stripes. I arranged the colours in the order that I thought they looked the nicest and then just repeated the sequence all the way up the whole of the blanket. All very technical!

This was the first few rows after the foundation chain ~ on hindsight I definitely should have gone up a hook size as the beginning of the blanket still seems a bit on the tight side.  You live and you learn!

I not quite sure why this blanket has taken me so long to make or why I seemed to lose motivation along the way ~ however, it's all done now! And it's not put me off blanket making either as I am already making plans to start another one! My daughter wants her own snuggly crochet blanket now too.

This was just over the half way point ~ eleven repeats of colour ~ six different coloured blue stripes in each repeat ~ sixty six granny stripes.

Now for the tricky bit! How difficult is it to try and photograph a large blanket? Nobody told me that I would have to climb on top of furniture and balance precariously with a camera in my hand just to fit the whole blanket into the picture.

However ~ Ta Dah!!

Here it is ~ The Little Boy Blue Granny Stripe Blanket in all it's glory ~ All 122 gorgeous blue stripes of it!

Because the blanket is so big I decided to go with a very simple edge to finish it off. Three rows of treble clusters around the edge of the blanket in Denim, Cloud Blue and Turquoise followed by a simple scalloped shell type border ~ as requested by my boy himself.

Finally ~ some Blankety Facts ::

Yarn ~ Stylecraft Special Double Knitting worked on a 4mm hook.

Measurements  ~ 128cms by 168cms.

Stripes ~ 122 stripes of blue loveliness.

Amount of yarn used ~ nearly 20 x 100gm balls.

Cost ~ 20 x £1.69 = £33.80

Weight ~ just under 2Kgs ~ very cosy and very snuggly indeed!!

I am happy to report that the blanket has been in almost constant use since it has been finished and that my boy has really been enjoying wrapping himself up in his own cosy and snuggly blanket on these recent very chilly wintery mornings :O)xx


Irene said...

Hello Jackie, Your blanket is stunning and so beautiful, well worth the effort and time to finish it.


faith76 said...

Fabulous! Great colours too. I take just as long with projects particularly with blankets :)

Wainwright and Wright.Co said...

I love the colours of your blanket - the blues really zing!! So I guess your daughter has a lot of patience if she too wants a blanket ;-)
Caz xx
PS recently finished a Christmas table runner which took me 3 years to make!

The House with the Blue Door said...

Your blue blanket looks great in lovely shades of blue. I know what you mean about it being hard to keep going with a blanket. My son started university back in September and I'm still making his 'going to uni' blanket a year after I began it :)
Cathy x

Mereknits said...

The blanket is wonderful, love the blues. Great job.

Marion Ogden said...

I love all the colours in your blanket - so perfect for a boy. Well done! Can't wait to see what colours you'll choose for your daughter's blanket. x

Hazel said...

Excellent! Your blanket looks lovely. x

Jacquie said...

It's gorgeous Jackie.
I love your regular stripes in all those pretty shades of blue. No wonder your boy is happy.
Chilly mornings are when crochet blankets really come into their own here too :0)
Jacquie x

Amy at love made my home said...

Congratulations!! It is fabulous! I just finished a large blanket which I shared yesterday, and so I know just how much work you have put into this! It is wonderful and looks so nice and snuggly. You are right that it is very hard to photograph them though isn't it. I took all kinds of shots and ended up with mine on the bed and me standing on a chair leaning over trying to get a good picture. You did really well with your pictures!! Happy crocheting! xx

Ella said...

I love the colours, all my favourite shades of blue. I know how difficult it is to keep going with such a large project but it was well worth the effort. Can't wait to see what colours you're going to choose for your daughter's blanket.

Ella xx

Alison said...

It looks brilliant Jackie! I bet your son is thrilled it's finished! The colours go really well together. I hope you have a great weekend xx