Thursday, 22 January 2015

Wintry Mandala

Towards the end of last week I was hit by a sudden urge to crochet myself a Mandala.

Now I know that these were very popular last year, but for one reason or another I never actually got around to making one for myself. And up until recently I have to say that I've never quite seen the appeal ~ apart from being very lovely to look at they don't really seem to serve much of a purpose!

I had a quick Mandala search on Ravelry and found this pretty pattern and got myself started. I just used yarn that I had in my stash which was good old Stylecraft Special DK ~ however, I think that cotton yarn is probably the best way to go.

As it has been so cold outside recently I decided to use some cool Wintry inspired colours ~ white :: silver :: denim :: sherbet and turquoise were the ones that jumped out at me and seemed the most Wintry. We have been fairly fortunate in this little Coastal corner and have managed to avoid the snow so far but it has still been bitterly cold outside.

I must say that I am quite pleased at the way it has turned out too! I opted to use a standing stitch rather than a chain 3 at the beginning of each new round which I think made a difference and looks much neater than a chain 3. And although I'm still not sure what to do with these pretty little crochet circles I can definitely see me making a few more in the months to come as they really are quite addictive little things to make! At the moment I am thinking that I may try to make one for each month of the year with maybe a seasonal theme running through each one. I quite like that idea ~ but we'll see how it goes!

Hoping that you all have a very lovely weekend ~  :O)xx


Anonymous said...

Your Mandala does look pretty, I too have never made one although I have made doilies.
I do admire their colour though.
Helen x

Winwick Mum said...

That's a lovely Mandala, I do like the colours you've chosen. I've only ever made one and I sent it off to Yarndale last year, but I agree that they are very addictive xx

Irene said...

Your mandala is beautiful, love the Winter colours.


Hazel said...

It is very pretty! I like your colour choice. Maybe you could use it like a doily type thing and pop a vase on top.x

Mereknits said...

I think it is loveey and have yet to make one myself. Now I just might!

Alison said...

It's very pretty, Jackie, I like the idea of a different one for each month! Maybe you could stiffen them with starch and hang them on the wall! xx

handmade by amalia said...

This is a lovely pattern! And the colors work really well with it.