Friday, 12 June 2009

Crocheted Mess

I’ve only very recently come across the delightfully fantastic blog Attic 24. It is wonderfully written, very colourful and very inspiring.

I was taught to crochet by an old Great Aunt when I was still at school ~ which is a lot more years ago than I care to remember. I made a granny square blanket and remember that is was lovely to crochet because it used to keep me cosy at the same time. Anyway, being inspired by this lovely blog, I thought that I would try my hand at crochet again. I dug out some yucky old double knitting wool (all scratchy and nylony) and found an old crochet hook and set to work.

Do you want to see?

Not very good at all is it?

I thought that I would still be able to do the basic stitches, but it’s not as easy as I remembered it being. It took me absolutely ages to get the first row done as I couldn’t get my crochet hook into the foundation chain and then I don’t thing that I am doing the right thing when it comes to starting and finishing the rows as it seems to have gone a little wonky at the edges. I have decided that I am going to give some of the blame to the horrid wool and the tiny crochet hook – and am going to treat myself to some new supplies tomorrow.

I am having a Girly Day out in Edinburgh tomorrow with my best friend and plan on going on a bit of a Woolly Shopping Expedition ~ some lovely new wool, a better crochet hook and maybe even a little book on all the crochet basics. I have also got some ideas for my Seaside Swap project and need to pick up some bits for that too. I will hopefully let you see some lovely purchases next week. I hope that everyone has a great weekend :O)


Mummy Boo Bear said...

I have never done crochet before, but when I was a child did do knitting. But I fear I might end up with less than satisfying results if I tried knitting now! lol.

Keep at it I am sure you will master your forgotten skill! Have a lovely girly day tomorrow (sounds like a fun day).


Sarah said...

You've done better than me! - I can't master getting past the foundation chain. I'm just not good at all! Have a fab day out tomorrow. Us Mummy's deserve it every now and then!

lisa ridgeon said...

My friend tried to teach me to crochet but i couldn't get the hang of it, and my Gran taught me to knit but i can never get the tension right! Think i'll stick to playing with felt!

I need to get some goodies for the seaside swap. Not sure what to get though.

Enjoy your girlie shopping trip. :o)

Alexandra said...

Hi Jackie, thanks for your comment on my I've found you too!! Attic 24 has also inspired me to crochet. I have never even picked up a crochet hook before but now I've got a How To Crochet book ordered from Amazon!!

Floss said...

Wow, we could have passed each other in the street! I walked past the wool shop just up from the Grass Market and thought of you...

I have finally bought myself a card reader so I have some 'treasure' photos on my blog.

Your crochet is 100% better than mine, if you know what I mean... I bet it will improve in leaps and bounds. I look forward to seeing the results!

Anonymous said...

keep going you'll get there I find stuff done on foundation chains a bit more difficult that your usual granny square

Lynda said...

Oh I am exactly where you are, reuniting with crochet.
Tonight I have jsut finished a patchwork granny square rug strictly from the stash basket...but I finally finished it. 6 months on and off it has taken!

Will drop by again to check on your progress.

PS That book looks great!!!!