Monday, 22 June 2009

Desafio ~ Game of 7 Things

A few weeks ago Floss involved me in a game called Desafio which is a Spanish word that means challenge in English. This game is all about getting to know each other better and to play it I must let you know 7 things about me ~ so here goes, here are my 7 things:~

1. My husband and I got married and our daughter was christened all on her first birthday! A little bit unconventional, but it makes her birthday and our wedding anniversary extra special. We got married in this beautiful little church in the very picturesque village of Dirleton.

2. I do a lot of voluntary work for Simpson's Special Care Babies which is a small charity linked to the Neo Natal Unit at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. My daughter was cared for in the Special Care Baby Unit for 3 weeks due to developing complications after her birth. I am so grateful for the level of care that she received in the unit and like to try and give something back.

3. I lived in Surrey until I was ten and then moved up to East Lothian in Scotland where I have been ever since. I love the fact that you have the beach and the countryside and a big city within a short driving distance. My favourite beach is this one in North Berwick.

4. I am passionate about reading and am completely lost if I don't have anything to read. I am also extremely lucky that I work in a library so have lots and lots of books to choose from all for free.

5. I am very much a jeans and tee shirts kind of girl, with either flip flops, trainers or flat boots. I dress to be comfy and I never wear heels.

6. I love Chinese food and only wish I could have it more often.

7. One of my very favourite places to be is Glencoe, which is a glen in the Highlands of Scotland. I try to go there once a year~usually with my best friend and we do a little walking and a lot of chatting and just take in the spectacular scenery.


Rachel said...

Totally with you on no. 5!

Alexandra said...

Hi Jackie, Glencoe is also one of my fave spots in this country. We'll be driving through it on Saturday en route to our holiday in Ardnamurchan.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I travelled with Mr P when he was working in Losimouth.. he dropped me at St Andrews so that I could go shopping...(oh dear! lol) while he worked.... oh boy did I shop!

The coutryside through Scotland was breathtaking... it was a long old trip as we travelled from Somerset...

Loving all the facts too!
thanks for sharing..

x Alex

sally said...

What a lovely beach. I also moved up North (well Lincoln) from Surrey (about six years ago now), but we don't live near to any nice beaches unfortunately. We love going to Robin Hoods Bay though which is well worth the 2 and a 1/2 hour drive each way. Fabulous coastal walks and rockpooling. We don't get there often enough though and I miss the seaside smell... Must go my four year old daughter is doing my hair I have about 12 slides in so far!

Timi said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now and I like it ! I realised that we have something in common: we are both librarians and we like to read a lot :o)!!

Floss said...

That's a great list - thanks for taking the time to let us know these things, because it really is a good way to get to know people better! I found Glencoe very opressive when I was a child living for a time in Scotland - perhaps I was too sensitive to its history to enjoy the natural beauty. I should go back, clearly!