Monday, 15 June 2009

Saturday Shopping

I had a lovely day out on Saturday, shopping with my friend in Edinburgh. Our first stop was John Lewis for the haberdashery Dept ~ where else! I bought some lovely Rowan double knitting wool and a new crochet hook. My theory is that is if I have the same lovely wool as Lucy then maybe I’ll be able to crochet as well as her too! I live in hope ~ even half as well would be a big achievement.

We decided to do most of our shopping in the morning and had a leisurely stroll along George Street having a look in Lakeland Ltd, Cath Kidston and Paperchase along the way. We had a delicious lunch in our favourite restaurant and then headed up to a little shop in Castle Street called A Treasure Trove. This little shop is run by The Royal Edinburgh Repository and Self Aid Society and is an absolute delight. It sells all sorts of lovely crafts made by local people in need. I have just learnt this morning that Floss ~ was in that little shop on Saturday too. Unfortunately we didn’t bump into one another this time ~ hopefully there will be a next time!

I bought these lovely flowers this morning as I have a meeting to go to this evening at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary as it is the Simpsons Special Care Babies AGM, which is the charity that I am involved with. We are having a bit of a celebration tonight as our lovely Secretary has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday honours list. This is in recognition of her work over many years for Simpsons Special Care Babies. Well Done Gill :O)


Alexandra said...

What lovley wool. You've spurned me on now to start learning too!

Floss said...

Lovely flowers and such a great recognition of hard work! I am still far, far off learning to crochet, but don't tell Lululiz I said that... I've had a really quiet shopping day today, but I think I might hit one more set of Ednburgh charity shops tomorrow before heading home!

Sarah said...

What lovely wool. Despite having lots of wool it hasn't enabled me to grasp the art of crochet!

smilernpb said...

Hi Jackie

Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. I didn't realise you had a blog, I kept clicking on the other one, and it said there were no posts, but here it is I see!

I have just added some rather embarrassing wedding pictures to my last post.

Anyway, it was great to meet you, I will be stopping by to say hello every now and then, as I hope you will do to my blog.

Take care xx

sally said...

Thank you for your lovely comments on my new blog today, and best of luck with the crocheting. I agree with you, you definitely need the right tools for the job, it makes me feel that I can "create things" when I see the lovely colours all laid out in front of me. When I started crocheting I started with "scratchy wool' too, and quickly decided I had to have some lovely soft yarn, so I swiftly hopped along to John Lewis and spent a lovely afternoon stocking up and choosing colours (Rowan Cotton Double Knitting). It made such a difference to my crocheting! I also sneaked a Cath Kidston mini sewing kit into my basket (my husband was with me trying not to go into shock at the price of a ball of yarn), which I love, its fab for when I take my crochet things out and about.. Looking forward to seeing your creations!
Sally x

Lyn said...

Oh what lovely coloured yarn!
This crochet thing is not as easy as it looks is it? never mind, we will persevere!
PS Thank you for visiting my blog, I like to meet new friends!

Lucy said...

Oooh I love the wool you bought. Such lovely colours. Sounds like you have some great shops in Edinburgh. Enjoy your crochet! Lucy x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Sounds like you had a fab time shopping with your pals on saturday. There is nothing like a girly day shopping looking at all your favourite things!


dottydotty said...

love that wool you'll soon get the hang of crochet again never fear

Kelly said...

lovely wool, keep at the crochet, it will get easier, & lucky you for winning that quilt - i had been hoping it would be mine!!!!