Friday, 4 January 2013

2012 ~ looking back

Here I am ~ just a little bit later than normal ~ taking a little nostalgic trip back through the highlights of my blogging year.

I love that I am able to look back at the Button Tree Craft archives, as it gives me a chance to be reminded of all the lovely everyday things that otherwise might be forgotten if they were not blogged about.

January 2012 ~ baking Gruffalo cookies with the small people. Baked to perfection and covered with chocolate sprinkles for fur and enjoyed with a nice cup of tea ::

February 2012 ~ I managed to knit my very first pair of socks ~ and was feeling very pleased with myself ::

March 2012 ~ Still enjoying the beautiful flowers that I received for my birthday ~ I really do want to try and have fresh flowers in the house more often this year as they always look so pretty ::

April 2012 ~ I went on some very lovely but very wet walks in the April showers wearing my new green and blue stripey wellies ::

May 2012 ~ I knitted some stripey Jubilee socks in the garden whilst enjoying the glorious May sunshine ::

June 2012 ~ I added a few more stripes to my Little Boy Blue Blanket ~ this blanket is still waiting to be finished ::

July 2012 ~ I added some more squares to my Summer Garden Granny Blanket ~ this blanket is also still waiting to be finished ::

August 2012 ~ We enjoyed some lovely Summery days on the beach ~ we are so very lucky to stay in such a beautiful place, with all this on our doorstep ::

September 2012 ~ I knitted myself a pretty lacy scarf in cosy blue merino wool ::

October 2012 ~ We went on a trip to Alton to visit family and enjoyed a lovely day out at Alton Towers ::

November 2012 ~ I knitted a seaside inspired scarf for my Advent Swap partner ~ Ada Bea. This was my very first attempt at coming up with a pattern of my own ::

December 2012 ~ We took a ride on The Polar Express as an early Christmas treat ::

I have really enjoyed this little look back at 2012 and reminding myself about things that made 2012 a special year for me and for my family. I love the fact that blogging allows me to keep all these special memories close by and that they will be there for my children to look back on when they are older. Thank you to you all for sharing this little journey back in time with me too ~ I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Wishing you all a very Happy 2013 :O)xx


Juanita said...

That merino lace scarf looks gorgeous, Jackie. I have not been able to bring myself to knit socks, after all these years of knitting... I wonder if I ever will?

Happy New Year to you too!

It's true, had it not been for blogging, we wouldn't remember these little projects and moments.

dottycookie said...

Lots of knitting last year then! Hope 2013 is as much fun as was 2012.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I love my scarf! I'm planning on wearing it with my denim jacket and flowery skirt in spring, you know when it's still a bit cool (actually all summer then!). It's beautiful, and designed by you, even better!
Lovely makes Jackie, one day I will make my very own granny square blanket! :) x x x

Gillian said...

I did enjoy it - your scarves are so pretty - I especially love the lacy one you made in September. Those crochet blankets will be gorgeous when they are completed.

Gillian x

Leisa B said...

I love your blue stockings! Well done! Is that a photo of the Bass Rock I see in your roundup shots? North Berwick is one of my favourite places on earth--I used to live in Edinburgh, and I escaped via the train to North Berwick whenever I got the chance :-)

Joan said...

I'd love to know what pattern you used for the Granny Squares?

An email to kitterpie at gmail dot com would be much appreciated. Eliminate all spaces and replace words with appropriate symbols.