Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bluebells by the sea ~ A Wavy Scarf

Just lately, I have been finding myself more likely to pick up my knitting needles rather than my crochet hook. I have absolutely no idea why! It has certainly not been intentional on my part ~ it's just the way that my woolly travels seem to have taken me recently.

Towards the end of last year I took part in a swap and decided that I wanted to knit something to go in with the other parcels.  I wanted to try and come up with something that would be both practical and pretty and warm and cozy as well.  I eventually took my inspiration from the beautiful coastal town that I am so lucky to live in and decided on a pretty blue seaside coloured wavy scarf. I love this photo of my two smallish people which was taken on a sunny but fairly breezy day last summer on one of our local beaches. The rock that you can see in the distance is the Bass Rock.

The waves were really easy to recreate by using a very simple chevron pattern, which was just a mixture of garter stitch and stocking stitch with a few increases and decreases added in along the way. If any of you lovely people fancy making your very own wavy scarf then this is how I did it.

First off ~ some knitty abbreviations::

K ~ Knit.
P  ~ Purl.
K2tog ~ Knit 2 stitches together.
Kfb ~ Increase by knitting into the front and back of the stitch.
SKPO ~ Slip 1,Knit 1 and then pass the slip stitch over.

Guage is not terribly important for this project ~ I used size 4mm (UK) knitting needles and some Stylecraft Special Double Knitting yarn ~ in the shade Bluebell. Which I suppose goes someway to explaining why I called this wavy scarf  Bluebells by the sea!!

Cast on 39 stitches and then start knitting as follows::

Row 1 ~ Knit
Row 2 ~ Knit
Row 3 ~ Knit
Row 4 ~ Knit
Row 5 ~ Knit
Row 6 ~ Knit 3, *K2tog, Knit 2, Kfb twice, Knit 3, SKPO* (repeat from* to* until you get to the last 3 stitches) and then Knit to the end.
Row 7 ~ Knit 3, Purl to last 3 stitches and then Knit 3
Row 8 ~ as Row 6
Row 9 ~ as Row 7
Row 10 ~ as Row 6
Row 11 ~ as Row 7
Row 12 ~ as Row 6

These 12 rows form the lovely wavy pattern ~ just keep on knitting until your scarf gets as long as you want it or you are nearly out of yarn. Then to finish your wavy scarf off just knit the first 6 rows of the pattern again ending on row 6 and then cast off fairly loosely.

By ending the pattern on row 6 you get yourself a nice wavy cast off edge.

Happy knitting! I'm off now to have another woolly adventure ~ this time with my crochet hook and a long forgotten Blue Granny Striped Blanket :O)xx


Knitting Nix said...

Beautiful, thank you for sharing xx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

It's kept my neck warm today, inside the house!!! Love it, thank you! :) x

Gillian said...

It's lovely. I like the way it ripples at the very end, and that vivid shade of blue is really nice.

Gillian x

Jooles said...

such a pretty scarf and what an amazing colour!
Wishing you a happy weekend
love jooles xxx