Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I am staying warm and cosy inside the house waiting patiently for the man from Bosch to come and tell me what is wrong with my washing machine. It has been on the blink now for around a week and is now totally refusing to cooperate with me at all ~ which with a family of two smallish people who seem to generate an awful lot of dirty laundry is a bit of a pest to say the least!

Fortunately for me my lovely Mum stays just five minutes away and I have been descending on her with baskets full of dirty clothes which she has very kindly been turning into piles of freshly laundered clothes. Mum you are an absolute *star*.

Whilst I have been waiting patiently for the man from Bosch I have not been idle. Oh No! I have put myself to very good use by sewing the ribbons on my daughter's first pair of pointe shoes. (Before she moans at me anymore to do it!).

I have also been whiling away the time by adding a few more stripes to my blue granny stripe blanket which is growing at quite a nice pace now. There are now 11 repeats of each colour, which is 66 stripes of blue crochet loveliness completed ~ which I think is just about halfway done. I seem to be really in the groove with this blanket now and am enjoying sitting down at every chance I get to add another blue stripe to it.

My knitting sticks have also been working hard over the last couple of weeks too ~ I have been knitting rainbow coloured zigzag stripes with my left over bits of Rico Creative Cotton which will eventually be turned in to a lovely bright Rainbow coloured cushion cover :O)x


SusieT said...

oo the rainbow cushion looks intriguing, can't wait to see finished article. Sue

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Those colours are fab, I hate it when domestic appliances die, we realise how much we rely on them! :) x

Deb Hickman said...

I'm loving your Granny Stripe, the colours are gorgeous. I hope your washing machine has been mended, I know I'd be lost without mine. Deb x

Megan said...

Love the granny stripe blanket! :)

Chel C said...

The granny stripe looks amazing, and I do admire your patience with knitting (I'm failing miserably!). Take care. Chel