Monday, 20 January 2014

Harbour Walking

This week I have been out and about walking again ~ this time past a row of pretty pastel coloured seaside cottages. I do so love these little colourful houses ~ they always make me feel so cheerful when I walk past them::

I am making my way down to the harbour ~ passing this bright orange life buoy, which is looking a bit battered and worn after all the windy and rainy weather we have had lately::

The boats in the harbour were bobbing up and down fairly quickly as the waves were rushing in and out of the harbour mouth ~ there was lots of noise from the jingling and rattling of their tall masts too::

Next I went up some steps and paused to admire the Gannet Gateway ~ which is a newly erected art sculpture depicting three gannets, one taking off, one in full flight and one just starting to dive. You can see North Berwick Law beautifully framed by the gateway too::

Along the pathway and turning left along the East Bay ~ I love this view of the beach from behind the tall beachy grass::

Everywhere seemed so quiet this morning. There were not very many hardy souls about and the weather was just the perfect kind of walking weather.  I really enjoyed my walk this morning and I hope you enjoyed it too :O)x


Jacquie said...

Hi Jackie, yes I enjoyed this walk a LOT. You live in a beautiful place , thank you for sharing.
Jacquie x

Lluisa Munoz said...

Nice photos, looks as it was a nice walk. The photo with the see seen from the grass it has made me feel peace, imagining myself sitting there.

You have a nice blog, very enjoyable.

Lluisa x

Julie said...

Hi Jackie. I just discovered your blog as I noticed you are following mine. You live in a beautiful area. What gorgeous little cottges! I look forward to learning more about you as I read your posts. with love.xx

driftwood said...

it looks like a truly beautiful walk! and I love your blanket too!

Kasia said...

Thank you for taking us out for a walk with you. I love North Berwick, we used to go and visit this beautiful place when we lived in Edinburgh. Looking at your pictures feels sentimental.