Monday, 6 January 2014

New Beginnings

Well, here we are into a brand New Year and I can't think of a better time to kick start my little blog back into life again.

I must admit that I have really missed my bloggy space, but life got kind of busy towards the end of last year and unfortunately my blog was the thing that had to take a bit of a back seat!

We are slowly getting back to normal here, and this morning I had two fairly reluctant and sleepy smallish people to get up out of cosy beds and dispatch to school  ~ neither of them were really in the mood to go back quite yet. To be honest, I don't think that I was quite ready either, as going back to school means lots of ironing of uniforms and lunches to be shopped for and packed. Still, there is only five weeks to go until our half term! Did I mention that I absolutely LoVe the school holidays?

On the plus side it means that I have a whole day of me time to do exactly as I want, which will very definitely mean lots of tea and some crochet. I have unearthed my Little Boy Blue Granny Stripe Blanket and am ready to get hooking again. This blanket was started way way back in October 2011 ~ Over two years ago! How ridiculous is that? My poor little boy has been waiting more than two years to get his blanket and that makes me feel quite bad.

The yarn that I am using is the fantastic Stylecraft Special Double Knit in six lovely shades of blue ~ Denim::Aster::Sherbet::Royal::Cloud Blue and Turquoise.

I think that it is probably two thirds of the way done so far ~ there are 72 Granny Stripes which is 12 repeats of each colour. It is my intention to keep going until there are 18 repeats of each colour and then it should hopefully be more than big enough to wrap around my boy and keep him cosy.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy 2014 ~ hope that it's a good one for us all :O)xx


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Hello! Welcome back.....keep going with that blanket, he will love it! :) x

Alijane said...

Welcome back, I too am trying to get back into the bloggy ways! Loving the blanket.

Alison x

Clicky Needles said...

Hello, lovely to see you back, Happy New Year to you too. I was with your little people, I wasn't too keen on going back to school either.

Primrose Beresford said...

I love the colours in your blanket. I often use that wool too - its a great one for kids' blankets because it can be machine washed and even tumble dried if you are brave enough.


Gillian said...

Welcome back, and happy new year! That blanket is still looking lovely - such great colours. x