Friday, 10 January 2014

Seaside Walking

Although I didn't make any New Year resolutions as such, one of the things that I would definitely like to do more of this year is more walking. I am so lucky that I live in a beautiful seaside town on the South East coast of Scotland and I am absolutely spoilt for choice with walks, as there are two wonderful beaches to walk along. I decided to take myself off for a bit of walk yesterday ~ I toddled off at what I thought was a reasonable pace, but I don't think that I had gone more than 100 yards along the road when I was so out of breath! I knew that I was unfit, but didn't quite realise just how much!

Still, I persevered and managed to walk for around an hour. The route that I chose to walk was along the west bay of the town, which was looking rather beautiful, the sun was shining and it really didn't feel that cold either.

I stopped periodically along to way to admire the views and to catch my breath a little.

The little island that you can just see to the very left of the harbour is the Craigleith, which is one of four islands just off the North Berwick coast in the Firth of Forth.

It is one of a chain of four islands around the coast, the others being the Bass Rock, the Fidra and the Lamb. The Craigleith is the closest of the islands to our harbour and like the other islands nearby is a bird colony with my favourite seabirds ~ puffins ~ being just one of the breeds that live here.

Which reminds me about a little picture of puffins that I stitched many years ago before my eyes decided to go all "old lady on me"! Now it seems that I have great difficulty focusing on things that are too close up and not at least at arms length away from my eyes, but I am totally refusing to go down the line of getting glasses for reading until I really, really have to! Maybe I should just get myself a giant magnifying glass instead!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :O)xx


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Jackie,my dear, reading glasses open up a whole new world to me, one that was there but I couldn't see...go for it! (I have refused however to get the little chain that goes round ones neck, preferring to spent several minutes each day looking for them, well the exercise will do me good!) beautiful scenery you have there :) x

dottycookie said...

I'm certain someone has actually shortened my eyes in the night as I cannot possibly be old enough for reading glasses yet ;-) I've been trying to walk more as well - walking keeps my lower back from aching and I can always tell when I haven't done enough!

Ladybird Diaries said...

Such lovely scenery on your walk! Nothing like a good brisk walk to blow the cobwebs away. Your little cross stitch picture of the puffins is sweet.
Marianne x

haggiz said...

I don't mind walking when I have scenery as gorgeous as that! I love your puffin cross stitch. Julie x

SaraJ said...

I'm as blind as a bat - and had to move on to varifocals last year. Wonderful - they are, but I refuse to admit I may be getting older!

Gillian said...

Oh I do love a beach walk, especially in the winter! It can only make you feel better. x