Friday, 6 February 2009

Ironing ....... Why?

I think that there may be an avalanche about to happen very soon inside my ironing cupboard.

The pile of clothes that is in there is getting more mountainous by the day, and looks ready to topple down on top of me every time I go into the cupboard to contemplate doing anything about it!

It is one of those jobs that I have been going to tackle everyday this week, but there are always more pressing things just waiting to be done - such as knitting, having a cup of tea or both -Ha ha :O).

Yesterday, instead of doing the houseworky thing , I got out my knitting needles and made this little owl dishcloth for my best friend who loves all things owly - I'm not sure what she will think of the dishcloth idea though!! The pattern was from one that I found on Ravelry. It is amazing how a few stitches and cables can produce a little owl.

Right - I'm off now to climb a very high clothes mountain :O)


French Knots said...

I hate ironing! I'm a bit of a slack housewife as things get put away unironed and only get a quick press if they really need it before being worn!
Hope you scale the ironing mountain today :)

pink-petal-designs said...

I know just what you mean, i always say to myself, i will do that tomorrow and then come Sunday i have a massive pile to get through. Love the owl dishcloth. x

Rachel said...

I'm with French Knots, I don't have an ironing pile - stuff just gets put away and luckily, most of our clothes don't seem to need it! I do iron my hubby's work shirts though and don't actually mind it too much. Nice little dishcloth!