Monday, 2 February 2009

Little Fabric Parcel

Look what came in the post for me today!

A lovely little fabric parcel from the very nice Sara , just to say Thank You for suggesting a good book about crocheting - it was very kind of her :O)

My particular favourite is the blue and white denim patchwork and I'm sure it will come in very useful for something. I'm not quite sure what I will make with it - at the moment I am thinking a little drawstring bag would be nice, but I could change my mind, the possibilities are probably endless!!

ARGH!! - I've just looked out of my bedroom window and can't see a thing - there's a blizzard going on out there at the moment and I have to drive to work in about ten minutes!!


saraeden said...

So glad it arrived safely and that you like it !!
I have added lots more icy fingers shots on flickr if you fancy a look !!!

Sara x

periwinkle said...

that was nice of her
lisa x