Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Like most places across the country, it was snowing here yesterday too! And what makes it so special is that this generation of children don't get to see proper snow very often now.

I love seeing my children's excited faces when you tell them it's been snowing and they jump out of bed and rush to the window to have a look,

I love watching them hurrying to put on their coats, hats, gloves and wellies on and running outside to play,

I love watching them and all the other kids throwing snowballs at each other on their way to school and in the playground,

I love letting them throw snowballs at me just because they can and it's fun getting Mummy soaked,

I love helping them build a snowman in the garden when they come home from school and then.....

I love coming indoors for hot chocolate, a cup of tea and a snack and getting all snuggly under a cosy blanket on the settee waiting for small hands and feet to thaw out again.

It all makes you feel very nostalgic and takes you back to your own childhood again when there seemed to be snow to play in every year :O)

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Gillian said...

Hello - Oh I'm jealous of your Easter trip to Paris. I have been and its amazing!